Technical description

The integration has a few requirements that must be followed for it to work.


The integration has two major requirements that must be followed.

Files must be in the format defined for each of the ad providers. If files are not following the defined format they will be rejected and no data will be imported.

How files are retrieved.

Files are retrieved either from the upload form within the application or from the SFTP server.

Files uploaded manually will trigger the import at that time, while if using the file transfer method, these files are collected six times a day (every four hour, at these times: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00)

How files are processed.

The integration functions in this way.

  • Any files provided to the integration will be processed, checking that the file is in the correct/allowed file format.

  • For each file these steps are executed

    1. The last part of the file name is extracted to find the month/date to set for expenses.

    2. For each record in the file where the amount is <> 0

      1. The customer ID/account ID is read and used to look up in the database if there exists a project with this number registered.

        1. If a project is found, the campaign name is used to check if there are any activities with the same name.

          1. If activity is found, the expenses is registered to the found activity/campaign

          2. Else the expense is registered to the defined expense activity

        2. If not found, the number is collected for a notification of not found.

    3. When all records are processed, those numbers found along the way that does not match any projects are reported as failed. This means the file contains expenses that can not be registered to any projects in Moment automatically.

  • Errors found during the processing of the file is sent by email to the recipients registered to receive such, but they are also registered in the log, This can be found under Company > Logs.

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