Credit invoices in Moment

Sometimes it is necessary to create a credit invoice in Moment. This can be due to several reasons. The most common is that something is wrong with an invoice, such as wrong amount, wrong contact person, or simply that the invoice does not meet the requirements needed by the customer. As a rule of thumb, credit invoices have to be made in order to change any invoice that is no longer a draft (I.E has an invoice number)

Crediting an existent invoice

Navigate to the relevant invoice and click on the cogwheel on the top right corner:

Here you will have two choices, either "credit note for this invoice" and "create credit note, move project to new customer and make a copy of this invoice". In this case we will just make a credit note for this invoice

The rest if very simple. Moment will just make a copy of the original invoice lines with negative numbers. You can then just edit the credit note draft or simply finalize it.

Creating a general credit note

Sometimes it might be necessary to make a credit note that is independent of any existing invoices. This is also very simple in Moment.

You can start by going to "finances" and then "create new invoice"; Choose then to add a "credit invoice"

Then you add a project and an activity. The rest is very simple. Lastly the only thing you need to do is to edit the desired invoice lines. Moment will automatically set amount as negative in order to calculate negative prices. "Independent" credit invoices need to be linked to an existing invoice in order to be able to send them as EHF.

Credit notes on "split invoices"

Sometimes you might need to credit an invoice that was originally split between two customers. We must remember that Moment calculates the split of the invoice on a percentage. However, when you choose to make a credit invoice you will get asked to either leave the hours as invoiced or to set them as "approved". This way you will be able to make a new invoice based on those hours if needed.

In the example below we show you how to credit a split invoice in Moment.

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