Create template

To create a new file export template, it can be done either by using the blank template or any of the existing global templates.

After having done either of the method below, read how to edit the template here.

Blank template

Make sure the selection box at top left shows "New template".

The template is set with default values, these can be changed as needed. Fill out the three first fields, these are all required.

  • Give the template a name. This can be the name of the system it will be used for or a descriptive text.

  • Select the datatype to be used for the export

    • Accounting

      • Invoices

      • Invoices grouped by account

    • Time records

      • Timerecords

      • Timerecords (grouped)

    • T&E claims

      • Expenses (travel)

  • Define the filename. To get the date and time the file was generated add {DATETIME} as part of the name. This will be replaced when file is generated. File name should not contain the file extension.

When these fields are defined, save the template by clicking the "Save" button.

Global template base

Select the global template you want to use as base in the selection box at top left.

Change the name of the template. This is required. The name can be the system it will be used for or your own name of the system the template is made for.

Can also change other fields at this time, when done making changes click the "save" button.

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