When invoicing Icelandic companies, you can choose between several sending methods, as usual. However, the routing of e-invoices (regardless of PEPPOL format) is different from other countries. In Iceland, companies can (and should) send e-invoices directly to the receiver's bank account.

In order to use this sending option, go to Setup > Settings > Integrations . Choose "InExchange" from the list and enable the integration.

Next time you want to send an invoice, you can choose to send it as an email or you can send it as an e-invoice. If you choose e-invoice, the invoice (with attachments) will be sent through InExchange.

Important to know

  • You need to enter your company's invoice address before start using this service (Setup > Company)

  • The service is currently only available for Icelandic receivers.

  • Every time you send an invoice through InExchange, your company will be charged 10 NOK. You can always choose to send by email (free). This cost. will be added to your subscription in Moment.

  • There are no startup cost and no monthly fees when using InExchange.

  • If the receiver is uknown in InExchange, there might be 1-2 working days delay due to manual processing first itme.

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