SoMe Ad Expenses

Social Media Ad expenses integration supports import of files from various ad providers. By providing the files in the defined format, the integration is able to place these on the correct project/activity.

What social media ads providers are supported?

The import is currently supporting the following providers:

  • Microsoft Ads

What is the purpose of the integration?

To cover the need of having expenses that are coming from the various social media ads providers easily split to the correct project/customer in Moment, this integration will handle this part by using what's available in the external platform to relate with projects in Moment.

How does the integration handle customers?

In the case of the various ad providers, each customer must have a unique ID, this ID will be registered to a project in Moment. By doing so, any expenses related to the customer will be registered to the defined project. Use a custom field on the project for this purpose. Create one field for each ad system that will be used.

Multiple customers collected

If there is the need to have multiple customers from the ad provider to be collected on the same project in Moment there is also support for this. Just register multiple customer IDs for the same project, use comma to separate the various customer IDs.

Same customer ID on multiple projects

If the same customer ID is found on multiple projects, the project that was most recently created is the one used.

How does the integration handle campaigns?

In addition, in those cases where there is the need to split expenses on to a specific campaign, the import also handles this. This requires any campaigns where this is to be used to be created as an activity within the project in Moment. It's very important that the name of the activity is exactly matching the name of the campaign in the ad system.

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