This article will explain how to create a customer in Moment. This article will also explain the most common settings in the module.

This is the main overview for your customers. Here you will find general search filters for the customers registered in your database, as well as add new ones.

Adding a new customer is done by clicking the + New customer-button in the top right. (If this button does not show for you, you might not have the right system access) Shown under here is the box you get when creating a new customer.

  • Non-Norwegian customers will get the option to only add a customer name (or org. number) in the "name" field, and the company/organization number can be onto the designated section in the customer profile after creation.

  • Norwegian companies will have the option to be searched for in the Brønnøysund register and add both main address and company registration number automatically when writing in the "name" field.

The following tabs explain the settings for a new customer in Moment from the picture above:

The country of origin of the customer.

This does not automatically set the currency of the customer/projects and will follow company setup/standards. If the currency is to be set, this is done in the customer/project edit page.

Customer's profile page

Once the customer has been created, you will see the customer main page. In this page you will see relevant information about the company, its participation in projects, notes, address and other relevant information.

From here you can either add or review offers, see the invoicing options such as default invoice texts, invoice attachments and hour specification settings and bookkeeping accounts. You can also review the customer ledger, see and attach files to the customer and see key statistics. These statistics include how profitable the customer is, who in the company has worked with the customers among others.

If you click Edit on customer data, you can further edit information on the customer, for example invoicing details:

This is of special importance. If the customer wants to receive the invoices as EHF (Norway) Moment will retrieve the address for receiving EHF based on the customer’s organization number. The organization number for Norwegian customers can also be defined in the customer data field. Read more about EHF in these articles.

Options in the customer's main page:

The tab “Offers” gives the opportunity to review and send offers to customers. You can read more about how to compose offers in this article

Finally, on the top right corner of the customer's main page, there is an option to merge new customers with existing customers in case of duplicates.

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