EHF Billing 3.0 in Norway is exactly the same as Peppol BIS Billing 3.0.

All companies in Norway that want to receive EHF documents need to be registered in ELMA (Elektronisk mottakaradresseregister). This makes it easy for us to see whether or not a Norwegian company is able to send invoices and credit notes.

ELMA lookup (Norwegian PEPPOL registry):


Previously, the Norwegian ICD was 9908, but this is now migrated to 0192. New profiles on the network are issued under the new ICD, and thus we expect all Norwegian companies that support EHF 3 to be available with this ICD. Read Difi's information about the new ICD here.

Some norwegian institutions might list their ICD as 9908 instead of 0192 on their websites still, but you can safely disregard that as EHF 3.0 will route to the correct address regardless.

Note you will not be able to select an ICD for norwegian companies like for other countries, this is by design.

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