What data can be transferred with this integration?

Invoices must be transferred by file export from Moment into Xledger. Invoices will be sent to your customer from Moment. Then you can transfer the invoices into Xledger, as vouchers. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. Automatically send the invoice to a email-receiption-address at Xledger when finalizing the invoice. This will result in a booking in the journal in Xledger.

  2. Regularly export a file containing all invoices since last export (csv-file). This file must be imported manually in Xledger. Only finalized invoices will be included in the file.

Fields included in the invoice export file: invoice number, description, customer number, project number, invoice date, due date, payment id (kid or invoice number), total amount including vat, vat code.

Xledger is not able to receive attachments. If the accountant needs to see the attachments, please access Moment (external users are free in Moment).

Important to know

Moment = master. This means that the invoice number, customer number and project number will be transferred into Xledger. Do not change the numbers in Xledger.

Please note that Xledger has a limitation of requests per hour. You will see your current plan when you generate your API token in Xledger. If the limitation is exceeded, the data will not be transferred in Xledger. This might occur if there are large number of edits/registrations done in Moment at the same time. The data will get transferred when Moment re-try next hour, automatically.

Make sure that account numbers used in Moment are matching the account numbers used in Xledger, also the VAT codes should be matching.

One-time configuration

  • In Moment navigate to Setup / Settings / Integrations to add Xledger integration. To add the integration, click on the "+ New Integration..." button in top right corner.

    • Select Xledger from the list of integrations

    • Fill out the form with required information. Get the credentials needed from you Xledger contact. Make sure the user has API-access. Using the credentials an API token can be generated.

      • API key: The generated API token is filled in here.

      • Emails to notify

        Get notifications if some error occurs, enter the email where this is to be sent.

      • Export customers Enable this to get customers transferred.

      • Export projects

      • Export invoices (coming)

      • Import expenses Enable this option to get expenses transferred from Xledger to Moment.

        • SOAP integration Fill out the fields below with information received from Xledger.

          • User name

          • Password

          • SOAP logon key

          • Owner code

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