In this tab you will be able to see all the invoices you have in Moment (given proper access roles). With proper role you will also be able to register new payments for invoices, see their sent status, corresponding project etc.

On the right, you will find the normal report filter that you see throughout Moment. The only difference is that you will have some filtering choices that are exclusive to the invoices tab. These are for example invoice state and invoice type.

Registering a new payment

The outstanding amount on invoices will be shown in green. To register a payment, simply click on the column where it says new payment, add the amount and any other information you wish to add.

Amount on overdue invoices will be shown in red. If you hover your mouse cursor over the amount, you will be able to see how long the invoice has been overdue.

If the customer has overpaid the amount will be shown in yellow. If you wonder what to do when a customer overpays, you can read this article. If you need to know how to credit invoices in Moment, you can read this article.

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