Can't export invoices to an external accounting system

Sometimes, even though you have finalized invoices in Moment, you might encounter difficulties exporting the files. In this article we will explain how you can solve some recurring issues.

I cannot find the export file/has not been sent to the accountant

If you cannot find the file that was created when you exported your invoices, you always find it in:

Finances > Invoices > Exported files.

Look for the files that matches the date when you created the export file. The list contains a time stamp which indicates when it was created:

Click on the file and it will be downloaded to your computer. Then, you can manually read it to your accounting system or if necessary send it as an e-mail attachement to your accountant.

How to manually change export status of my invoices?

Sometimes, due to user error or confusion, you might need to manually change the status of some invoices in order to export them again.

This is very simple to solve. Go to finances and you will see your invoice overview. Then click "show columns" and add the column "Export status". The value in this column can be changed individually for each invoice according to what you need:

Once you have done this, you will be able to export the invoices as normal through the notification bell in Moment.

Another way of doing this is by clicking on the "cogwheel" on the top right corner in Moment and clicking on "edit export status for several invoices"

Once you do this, simply set the range of invoices for which you want to change the status:

Once you have done this, you can export the invoices again.

I have changed the status of my invoices but still cannot export them

Sometimes, Moment will not display invoices for export even if you have changed the status of the invoices. That means that the notification bell in the upper right corner will not display anything for export.

If this is the case, the best thing you can do is to check the export settings. Go to Setup > settings > integrations. Then, choose the file export type you use, click edit and Look for this field:

Make sure that the "Default issue date limit" is set to "current date". In this way you will make sure that everything that has not yet been exported is sent. Remember to save, then refresh your page and look at the notification bell.

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