Hours (Time records)

Set up your file

You can select from templates provided by Moment or you can build your own export template. However, this setup requires some technical insight. Please contact support for assistance if you have questions regarding creation of your custom export template file.

Here you can set up your file: Setup > Settings > Export templates

All export files are subject to a one-time cost.

Retrieve your file from the system

To retrieve the file with registered hours, go to Company > Timesheet status . If the export template is set up, you will see this box:

  • Make sure you have create an export template, as described in the section above.

  • Follow your internal company routines. Usually this is to ensure that all employees are done registering their hours for the given period.

  • Choose to include accumulated banked hours

  • Choose to include external co-workers

  • Choose to only include hours from overtime categories

  • The exported file is ready to be imported into your salary system.

File details

This is how the exported file can look like: 0;0;57;800;0.00;1;1096.00;1096.00;0;0;"";"2019090";"";"";"";"";0 0;0;57;400;0.00;1;435.00;435.00;0;0;"";"2019090";"";"";"";"";0 0;0;57;400;0.00;1;435.00;435.00;0;0;"";"2019090";"";"";"";"";0 0;0;57;655;0.00;1;91.00;91.00;0;0;"";"2019090";"";"";"";"";0

The columns (headers) will in this case be: 0 (year. To be chosen on import) 0 (period. To be chosen on import) externalUserAccountNumber compensationTypeCode empty quantity amountIncludingVat totalAmountIncludingVat empty empty projectNumber empty fields to be used for several data fields All columns and content are flexible, and get be adjusted in Moment.

Nice to know

  • The export file does only contain records where the external employee number is added

  • The export does not change any data in Moment, so you can run the export as often as you like.

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