RecMan is a recruitment and staffing solution software. Moment has developed an integration where customer information are transferred to RecMan.

RecMan is the master for customer number, resulting in that when a new customer is created in Moment this will be transferred to RecMan, and in return Moment will get the correct customer number to be used. Moment is updated with the given customer number.


The fields that are updated/set by the integration are these

  • Customer name

  • Customer number

  • Organization number

  • Address fields

  • Invoice address fields

  • Invoice email

  • Credit days


When RecMan integration is activated, the setting to lock customer number field in Moment must be enabled.


To configure the integration the only required field is the Api key.

Obtaining an API-key

New API-keys can be generated in the System Settings-page in your RecMan account System Settings -> Database -> API -> Create

You will have to be a system administrator to be able to view or create an API-key.

Once created, you will have to add access to your API-key, deciding which modules it should have access to, and which operations that are allowed.

Always limit your access to only contain the modules and operations you need. Especially if you share your API-key with external developers.

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