Business Central

Steps that must be done in Business Central prior to configure the integration in Moment.

Admin center

In the admin center, on the left hand side, click on the link "Authorized AAD Apps". This will show what apps have been granted access to Business Central. To this page add the app that will be used for Moment. Click on the "+ Authorize Azure AD app" and fill in the application/client ID in the field showing up. The client ID to register is this: 50ae004c-9972-48c3-b27c-5173eef880bd

When this is added, click save. Now also grant access to the application by clicking "Grant"

Azure AD App

By clicking on the link, you will be given a list of applications. Add here the application to be used by Moment. Do this by clicking on "New"

In the dialog that is opened, fill out the fields that are required

  • Client ID: This is the client id that will be used to connect to your Business Central application. The client ID used with Moment is: 50ae004c-9972-48c3-b27c-5173eef880bd

  • Description: This will be the name of the application. It will also create a user with the same name that will be given the access required in Business Central.

In the User Groups section, double click in the "Code" column and select the user group that the newly created user should be part of. This will determine the access Moment integration has in Business Central.

In addition to selecting the user group, an additional permissions needs to be added.

In the User Permission Sets section, double click in the "Permission set" column in the first empty row.

Scroll down/locate the row named "Moment Integration Permission", select this and click OK.

This permissions should now be included in the permissions given to the user.

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