Absence Overview

My pages/Time/Absence overview

In this page you have access to a full overview of the absences registered on your timesheet

On the left side you will be able to choose the different absence categories available on your database. For a detailed description on absence types see this article. This view can be filtered on month, day and year.

You can access this either at a co-worker level through "my pages" > time absence overview (earlier called "vacation"). It can also be seen at company level (for users with correct access rights) through company > absence > absence overview. This will allow you to see the amount of hours accrued and spent for all types of absence types. This functionality will also allow you to set adjustments for a given date, much like you can do for vacations.

This will be specially useful if you need to keep track of sickness self-certification or care-days for parents of small children.

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