What data can be transferred with this integration?

Absence data registered in Moment will be transferred to CatalystOne when this is approved in Moment.

Fields: Absence date, absence type, minutes

Important to know

The integration rely on the codes provided for absence types in Moment, all absence that is registered in Moment that is linked to an absence type where there is an external salary code registered will be transferred.

One-time configuration

To configure the integration go to Setup > Settings > Integrations and select "CatalystOne" from the select integration drop down.

The dialog will now show the fields needed to be configured

  • Company Code The part of the URL used to connect to CatalystOne API "https://{companyCode}" This is provided by CatalystOne

  • Client Id A unique ID given by CatalystOne to connect to the API

  • Client Secret A "password" to use in combination with the client ID to connect to the API. This also is provided by CatalystOne.

Enter these values into the dialog and save.

Optionally one can also enter email address of users to get notification if an error occurs.

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