Invoicing settings for individual customers

It is possible to set specific invoicing options for a chosen customer under Customers > Select customer > Invoicing options. Here you can choose from Hourly rates, Invoice settings, and Invoice email recipients. This can be especially useful if you have a regular customer with specific requirements or needs.

IMPORTANT! If you choose to set invoice settings for a customer profile, this will override your default choices from general settings. Editing settings in a project will override the chosen settings here, and will stay specific to that project.

Hourly Rates:

Here it is possible to set specific employees and hourly rates, as well as a from-until date for the agreed upon hourly price. In order to use these set hourly rates, you must select hourly rate and hourly rates specified for customer under setup on any projects for the chosen customer.

Invoice settings:

It is possible to set a variety of invoice settings for your chosen customer. You will find options for: Default invoice texts, General invoicing preferences, Hours specifications and attachments, Invoicing summary, Invoice lines, Accounting department and accounting project, Bookeeping accounts and VAT, Default surcharges for projects pricing, Administrative charges, and Discounts.

It is under Default invoice texts that you will find the option to specify references for the customer, which is useful for EHF-invoices.

Under General invoicing preferences you can choose default credit terms, who your default reference is to the company, and the language of the invoice. We currently support English, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

With Hours specifications and attachments, Invoicing summary, and Invoice lines you have the option to tailor the overview of what the customer receives on hourly projects specifications, what summary they will see on their invoice, and if you want to set any default settings for the text and lines seen on the invoice.

Further down you find Accounting department and accounting project and Bookkeeping accounts and VAT. Here you can choose a default accounting department if necessary and define bookkeeping accounts for invoice lines if you or your customer requires this.

If you have agreed on any surcharges or administrative fees, these can be added under Default surcharges for projects pricing and Administrative charges. You can choose percentages for surcharges and set a percentage with a minimum charge amount for administrative fees.

Finally, there is the Discounts section, where you can set a default discount percentage for hours or products.

Invoice email recipients:

Here you have the option to specify one or more recipient(s) for invoices. It is possible to Choose to carbon copy (cc) or blind carbon copy (bcc) as well. When you set up the email address(es) here, they will automatically be filled and selected when you send an invoice.

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