Sandbox is a copy of your database which is 24 hours delayed and works as a test-database if you wish to test settings and changed before implementing them in app (real-time). We strongly recommend you use Sandbox for testing purposes, as any changes will not affect your proper database!

Sandbox can be used to test the following:

  • Test settings on company-, project-, and customer level.

  • Create test projects, pricemodels and activities

  • Test layout of invoices, logo-placing, changes in timesheet, resourceplanner, project plan etc.

  • Test batch updates of customers, projects, customers etc.

The following should be avoided in Sandbox:

  • When you send an email to a project-address in Sandbox, the changes are taken place in real time.

  • When you send an invoice to a customer in Sandbox, its replicated in real-time and is actually sent.

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