Icon for "external consultant" under resource planner

Published: 14.09.2021

With the new addition of the "external consultant" icon in resource planner , it is now easier for you to plan and manage your resources. The newly added icon allows you to differentiate between your internal and external co-workers in an effortless way.

With the above mentioned improvement to the resource planner it will be even easier for you to allocate your resources across internal and external co-workers.

How to assign an employee as an "external consultant" ?

In order for the green arrow icon to appear next to an employees name the following settings must be controlled.

1. Simply click "Resources" → "Co-workers" → "Overview"

2. Select the employee you want to assign as "External" and go to their profile.

3. Select "Settings" → "General" and tick the option that says "Is an external consultant" and save changes.

The respective employee or co-worker will be shown as an external consultant once the above mentioned changes are saved.

Some of the things you can do in the Resource planner:

  • Resource planner is a tool which allows you to see and adjust hours reservations on co-workers, both internal and external, in an easy way.

  • Get an overview of which projects each co-worker will work on each week, in addition to an overview of co-workers vacation days et cetra.

  • View fellow co-workers availability and detect if someone is overbooked.

  • Drag & drop reservations between weeks and co-workers to easily adapt to changes in resource planning.

  • Add new reservations by clicking on the white areas of each cell, both for one week or several weeks at a time.

  • Edit reservations by clicking on them (the coloured boxes)

  • Decide how much information you want to see in the overview through settings and filters: For example: Select whether or not to display activity names, if you want to see only one project or just a group of co-workers.

Kindly do not hesitate to contact our customer support in case of any queries regarding this new function.

To read an explanation of Resource planner click here.

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