Copies of outgoing invoices to BCC (Blind copy)

Published 16.09.2021

With the addition of this new feature a permanent blindcopy (BCC) recipient can be attached to all future and drafted outgoing invoices.

One of the benefits of having this feature is that you can have the security of doublechecking whether or not a customer has received an invoice you have sent out. In this way if your company has an extra database for outgoing invoices which acts like an extra "security" for making sure you are not loosing any outgoing invoices .

How can you appoint a permement BCC?

  1. Go to SetupSettings Invoicing options → choose "Invoicing and access" Copies of outgoing invoices to (BCC) and enter the relevant email adress you want to set as BCC for all future and drafted invoices, and Save.

When the above mentioned settings are done correctly, all future invoices will be sent to the attached recipient you have just set on default. Both the future and drafted invoices will have the following field available once an invoice is ready to be sent out.

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