Security settings related to your own user can be configured here


Two factor authentication is default for all Moment users. The default setting is to receive your code through an email, sent to your email account. The other options that are available are to get it sent to your mobile phone using SMS, and also is there an option to use an authenticator app e.g. Google Authenticator.


Default method. When you attempt to login an email will be sent to your email address containing a six digit code that you will need to enter before being allowed to log in.


Optional method. As described for email it works in the same way. But, instead of getting it to your email it will be sent to your phone. Here too the message will have a six digit code to be entered.


Optional method. With an authenticator app you will need to install this on your phone and use this to add your Moment account. Moment will provide you with a QR code and alternatively a key. Use the one that is simplest for you and add this to your app. When added you will receive a code from the app - register this in Moment and save the configuration. In future attempts to login you will be told to get the six digit code required to log in from your app.


SSO is an abbreviation for Single Sign-On, meaning that you can log in at one location and still access Moment with the same credentials. Moment is currently supporting two SSO providers, Microsoft and Google. These are now somewhat different in how they work.


To use Microsoft, your company must activate the Microsoft Azure AD Single sign-on integration. When this is activated, users are able to validate themselves by activating Azure AD for their account.

Use the button "Activate Azure AD". When clicking on this you will be directed to Microsoft. Microsoft will check your credentials, if you are logged in no action is needed but if not logged in Microsoft will request you to log in with your credentials. This will provide Moment with the required information needed so that in the future we have information on what Microsoft account is linked to the Moment account.


To use Google, currently this will only work if the email address you are registered with in Moment is an Google email. You will then be able to log in also in Moment as long as you are logged in to Google.

Reset password

To reset your password, you will have to be logged out from your Moment app, then click the "forgot password" link on the log-in page, or use this link: Here, you type in your email address and follow the instructions received by email. Please allow the email a minute or two to be sent. Also check your spam folder if you don't receive anything, and check that you typed in the correct Moment app corresponding user e-mail address. Another option, is to change it on co-worker level under "Resources". For this, you need administrator access, where it will override the existing password into a new password of your choosing. You can do this under Resources > Co-worker name > Settings > Change password. (If you don't see this option, you don't have access to the page. Please contact your administrator if you want your password changed this way.)

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